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The assistance of the Inter Medical Medizintechnik GmbH is located in the production, distribution and service, worldwide. Inter Medical is the only company that cover´s to it´s entire portfolio the entire profile of the international nuclear market.

Our product range extends from the simple clinical and pre-clinical systems up to veterinary systems for the horses and small animal diagnostics.


In addition, the Inter Medical GmbH distributes small animal SPECT, SPECT / CT and SPECT / PET / CT scanner by Milabs in Germany. These systems are mainly used in the field of preclinical Research.

PET and PET / CT systems, please contact us. We also offer you the complete service and maintenance of its systems.

Clinical Systems
Here you will find information about our systems. Starting with Small-Field Gamma Camera is a Planar Systems for universal use.
One-head and double head-gamma cameras in different equipment is variants to the hybrid-technology with PET/CT systems.


PET/CT Systems
PET and PET/CT scanners are today no longer way from the nuclear medicine diagnostic thinking.

We offer a variety of nuclear medicine animal systems. You can, for example, perform all nuclear medical diagnosis of horses and / or small animals.

Preclinical Systems
Everything about the clinical research can be found in this section including CT, SPECT / CT and PET / CT for small animal research and

Here you will find the new generation of Norland DXA systems. This search regarding the Price-performance ratio and the functionality of
their own kind.

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